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It's Monday Again!


It’s Monday Again!

Last week was eventful for me.

I was on a TV program last Tuesday at the first Television station in Africa, NTA Ibadan. Where I spoke on making money online, using the social media perspective.

I also attended the telecast of Global Leadership Summit (GLS) over the weekend and I’m yet to recover from the things that I heard from world business leaders who spoke at the event.

You need to begin to use every skill of yours to put money in your bank account.

What do people usually call you to help them with?

What can family members and friends leave in your care without thinking about it again?

What are the things you can do without even thinking you are working?

These are things you should develop very well and monetize. If you have been doing it for friends and family members successfully, then it is time for you to take it to the public.

Don’t wait till you become perfect at it, before you make the move, start from the level you are but keep developing yourself.

There are so many opportunities around us only if we will open our eyes to see them.


Jide Bamidele
Certified e-Campaign and Digital Marketing/Social Media Expert
BBM: 5c02065e Twitter: @jidespark | Instagram: @jidespark


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