Visuals Are Taking Over Digital Marketing


It’s Monday Again!

Yesterday evening, I was exploring some of the apps on my phone and I discovered twitter now allows you to stream live from your twitter account, you only need to synchronize it with your Periscope, I also discovered twitter now have filters for picture just the same way Instagram have several picture filters, the most amazing thing I noticed was the picture stickers, Yes Twitter is introducing fun to the ever serious not so easy to use platform.

Every Business must strive to get better at what they do, be it a product or service, Twitter has been listening and have been finding ways to attract more people to use the platform, it was discovered recently that there was a decline in the number of monthly users of twitter globally.

Social Media platforms with Visuals have been getting the most attention from users lately and I do not see the crave going down anytime soon.

You will have to learn how to use Images and Videos to your advantage if you really want to maximize the advantage that comes with using digital marketing.

Twitter’s action was as a result of following a simple policy any organization can adopt for improvement with the use of social media, You have to Measure your activities, then Listen to what your target audience and clients are saying, finally Improve on what you have been doing by adopting some of the things you learnt from listening and the cycle starts again.

Digital Marketing is not about you, it is more about your audience (Your Targeted Customers) Listen to them and continuously create products and services that satisfies their cravings.


Jide Bamidele

Certified e-Campaign and Digital Marketing/Social Media Expert